STEM / Coding Workshop Volunteer

Main responsibilities:

  • promote equal learning opportunity using the computer
  • promote basic computer science, logical thinking and problem-solving skill
  • run independently free STEM / Coding workshop for underprivileged students from primary to junior high schools

Language skill: Chinese; English

Academic, Technical, and Communication Requirement:

  • passionate and have experience in teaching kids
  • Major in Computer Science (minimum Year 2 in Bachelor Degree, preferably Master Degree student)
  • Certified facilitator to Run a Code Club and related subjects (
  • good understanding and knowledge of Raspberry Pi and related hardware (Raspberry 3 Model B+) and software (Rasbian, Libre Office, Chrome…)
  • good knowledge of STEM/Coding material/programming languages (e.g. Scratch, Python…) and teaching tools: Raspberry Pi Projects ( and Trinket (